[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Dat Boy Lucky - Gt 5.0 lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


I had to second guess it.
I don’t even count that shit.
I just go by the feeling.
That’s what she said.

Yo, just give me the gin,
Forget the tonic.
What lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Dat Boy Lucky - Gt 5.0 lyrics download mp3 I do is more than Rhyming,
Like the sun, I’m shining.

I’m the one.
Surrounded by a Bunch of Blind men.
I spit in their eyes,
And ask God to give them sight again.

Bitches on my dick,
Cause I look like Christ.
I turn water into cord kord chord Dat Boy Lucky - Gt 5.0 lyrics kunci gitar cool aid.
Ran out and I’d that twice.

I’m a star like the tip of my nikes.
I’m so fresh, so clean…
You dirty mother fucker
Probably gott pit stains on your White Tee.

Fuck your bitch anal.
Leave shit stains on her chords Dat Boy Lucky - Gt 5.0 lyrics lyrics whit sheets.
I go where the mic leads.
Look for the truth, you could find me.

My nigga “P” told me
That’s what the number “5” Means.
There’s an Armada growing in your society.
If you pussy, go find a tree, and start climbing.

We in a war til we find peace.
If it’s all love then why are you trying to stop me.
You can’t cock block me.

Ya need to clean it up.
Ya looking type sloppy.
Bet I take your wifie,
And let her mop me.

Didn’t have money for a room,
So I fucked her in the bathroom of the hotel lobby.
Can’t get me out the picture, you gotta crop me.
I look down on niggas like you, how you gon stop me?

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